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Dating the Wrong Men

Did you find your Prince? And are there any left??

(question by Diana)
YES! I did! For those of you who read Dating the Wrong Men, I ended up marrying the ‘Pirate’ from the last chapter almost a year ago. (Seen here) I wrote Dating the Wrong Men about a year and a half after we started dating because we knew that there was a story here and the possibility to help other women who are going through all the things that I went through in order to find him.

We are currently doing a joint project that we are hoping to release in December that will bring the strategy of ditching the ‘Wrong Men’ & finding the ‘Right’ ones from the woman & man’s point of view. Yes, juicy, I know! If you’d like to be alerted as to when this comes out, just join the mailing list.

To your second question, I’d also have to say YES. Don’t worry, there is a pot of gold at the end of the dating nightmare rainbow with a man a lot more desirable than a leprechaun. The trick is to truly know what you need for yourself as an individual and in a relationship, finding the person who respects and encourages exactly that and ditching the ‘Wrong Men’ that pop up in the way. So many times during our single years, our time (and life), get consumed with the frustrations of the wrong people for us that we are not open to see the right ones.

Although I can’t direct you to some secret Prince hideout where there are thousands of good men hiding out in a cave somewhere I can give you some tricks to lead you on the right path.


1) Participate in Activities that Make You Happy

I truly believe in consistently participating in activities that you love in order to meet good people whether it’s a sport, a craft, a source of entertainment, etc. Many divorced people have told me that “we didn’t have anything in common” was a main reason for their split. So, if you are given the opportunity to start out the relationship with a mutual interest, than that’s one issue that shouldn’t come up, plus you always have something to come back to where you know you will both be happy. No matter what, even while still looking for that prince, you will be enjoying life!

2) Proximity is Power

: I recently attended Tony Robbin’s Business Mastery event and was reminded that Proximity is Power. I know that he was speaking about this concept for business reasons, but even in your personal life, sometimes you need to put yourself in situations where you know you will be surrounded by good people to not only meet that Prince you’re looking for, but as a constant reminder that there are good people in the world doing good things for others. And you can be part of that. My Go-To has always been Rotary, but I encourage any organization, non-profit, group, church, what have you where you know you will be surrounded by positive people.

So there are two Yes’s to your questions Diana. I may have snatched up my perfect prince, but there are more out there and I suggest starting by getting out there and enjoying life and surrounding yourself with people who you know are positive, good people!

August 21, 2015