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Dating the Wrong Men

What has the reaction been of the men you dated?

Dating the Wrong Men very clearly isn’t a book aimed to shame individuals, but something written for people who find themselves in the cycle of dating the wrong people. I made a point to keep everything anonymous while writing it and even changed some aspects to make sure there is complete ambiguity. Before I was married, I used to blog about dating the ‘Wrong Men’, so most of my exes were used to the topic I wrote about. In fact, multiple of my exes actually encouraged me to write a book on the topic in the days that we spent together. Since I had already been with my husband for three years by the time this book came out, and the fact that this book covers 20 years of dating, a lot of these stories were old news. And, as I state in an opening chapter, my ‘Wrong Men’ weren’t necessarily wrong men for everyone in the world, many of them learned from their mistakes to be decent partners for other people.


With that all being said, I’ve had a few of the guys from the chapters contact me mainly out of curiosity, but once they see that the stories are a true account of our relationship where I even take responsibility for my own shortcomings and show if they took the time to rectify the situation, they appreciate the good memories from the time and move on. One point I make in the book is that I don’t keep in contact with my exes because I don’t care to go backwards in life and out of respect for my marriage, so I don’t hear much from them. However, when I was still writing the book one said in passing that it was a great idea and another one told me he thinks his chapter is awesome.

May 31, 2015