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The Catfisher

The following story was submitted to Dating the Wrong Men by Vanity LaRue of Tale of 2 Singles – see original post here.

catfishYou can’t make this shit up. Catfished IRL

You can’t make up the following story.

Having given another go (met my ex husband on Match), I was hesitant to say the least. Throughout the last few months there have been some winners – some of which will come in later blogs. And by “winners,” I mean: “How does this guy actually think sending a poem about loving oneself think that will result in a date” kind of guys. Just before I go into cancel my account (it was THAT bad), I get an email from a gentleman that didn’t seem as bad as the previously mentioned. Let’s call him Dusty.

Dusty and I begin to converse via the messenger feature. Typical “where are you from?” and “what do you do?” questions commence. He tells me he is an EDM DJ that is “pretty famous” in the scene. He won’t tell me what his DJ name is – I would have to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement… Daft Punk? Deadmau5??? Who knows- he said he wears a mask. My mind runs wild. EDM happens to be the one genre I don’t know shit about (nor really care for) but this guy seems interesting. I’ve worked in the music industry before working publicity. He ALSO works in the music industry as a manager and booking agent! Small world, right??? Aside from the Music industry job, he also worked as a cinematographer for Travel Channel as well as a few shows on Food Network. Well travelled but apparently ready to settle down now.

September 5, 2014