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Dating the Wrong Men

Are You Dating The Wrong Men? (Then Don’t Miss This Book Review & Author Interview)

Sam Sly wrote a fantastic review for Dating the Wrong Men on her popular blog and also sat down with author Kelly Rossi for some interview questions.


Quote from her review:

I would describe Dating the Wrong Men as a inspirational memoir. It is a little bit self-help, a little bit humorous memoir, and includes practical advice. It reads like a good friend candidly sharing advice from lessons hard earned. It is at times funny, at times tragic and at times inspiring.

While men also date the “”wrong women””, this book outlines some wrong types and choices single women often struggle with. I have been fortunate not to date too many “”wrong men””, just a few otherwise wonderful but wrong timing type. Oh, wait… That is a type that Rossi describes! I could think of a friend or two who has dated just about every one of these if I haven’t myself.


Some of the interview questions she gets into are:


  • What inspired you to write Your Dating the Wrong Men?
  • Your book is both inspirational and humorous, what role does humor play in your life?
  • I understand you have found the right man, could you tell us a little about that?
  • Aside from reading your book, what advice do you have for the single ladies or the single gentlemen?
  • If people enjoy Dating the Wrong Men, do you have any other books they can read?


We suggest you read the whole review & interview here!

December 18, 2014